Leaflets (2021 - ongoing)

I joined Animal Rebellion this year and began designing various work for them. I made a leaflet for our COP26 protest as something to hand out as we marched. I also designed a banner to carry at the march. I used the Animal Rebellion logo with the phrase ‘Plant-Based Food System’ as we were protesting the lack of discussion around animal agriculture at COP26 and also wanted to be able to reuse the banner for future actions.

Social Media

We host a series of talks on the last Tuesday of every month dicsussing topics about climate change, animal agriculture, fishing, deforestation, and more. Afterward they are uploaded to the Youtube channel so anyone can watch them.

We also post on social media whenever an action is taking place, such as a protest, for other events, like our film club, and for significant days, e.g. WoDES (seen below).


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