Signs (2020)

I am very interested in activism design - posters, stickers, leaflets etc. I decided to make hypothetical signs that would play on the types of signs typically seen in zoos or on the side of a road.


Paper Cut-outs (2021)

These three paper cut-out pieces were made for a project that, unfortunately, didn’t get used in the end.
(14.5cm x 14.5cm)

Stickers (2021)

I’d always wanted to make stickers promoting something that I care about and to stick them around the city. I already had an idea about butcher signs of animals, possibly for a poster series, and thought it would work well for the stickers. I took the butcher sign images and removed the words ‘steak’, ‘fillet’, ‘breast’ etc. and changed them to words that I think of when I think of animals, words that don’t objectify them.

(9cm x 9cm)

Lino (2021)

I decided to make some lino prints in response to the stickers above. I think I had a hankering to make something physical and messy instead of digital.

(Roughly 14cm x 14cm)

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