Typographic Futures

I took part in the Creative Futures Academy Professional Certificate in Typographic Futures
hosted by NCAD in August 2023.

During this four-week intensive course, we explored the potential of typographic communication, from the expressive to the functional, through the creation of visual identity projects for a location in Dublin of our choosing. We learned about typographic research methodologies and typographic meaning, typographic systems and multilingual typography, and crafting logotypes and letterforms.

Embrace your Newtown

I chose Newtown Park where I lived, until recently,
for the past 6 years in my grandparent’s house.
It was really interesting looking into the history of the area and creating something personal before moving. The aim of the branding is to bring the residents of this small area together as a community and embrace all it has to offer. It’s a central hub for residents living between the villages Blackrock and Stillorgan, and offers them somewhere local to shop and socialise.

I created the logotype using Illustrator and Glyphs and it is based on an old street sign I spotted nearby while researching. It is accompanied by Bricolage Grotesque which is described as having historical and personal feelings, perfectly suited to the area. The social media assets include shapes created based on the logotype.