Dad Free Press (2019)

As part of our Professional Studio Module in third
year of college, 2019, we were given the opportunity
to enter the RSA Student Design Awards. In a group
of three, we chose the RSA brief entitled ‘Take Leave’. This brief asked us to raise awareness for the Shared Parental Leave scheme that was introduced in the
UK in 2015.

We came up with the idea of creating a newspaper
that would tell the world about the scheme and why
it is such a valuable opportunity, but also shed light
on the prejudice and stereotypes that fathers face each day of parenthood. We wanted the newspaper
to be humorous by playing on the stereotypes and also challenging them, for example the use of purple as our main colour. The newspaper also contains a small pocket-sized information booklet with everything you need to know about Shared Parental Leave. The newspaper would be distributed freely on public transport and promoted on social media.