Design West 2022

Design West is an international summer design school located at the ATU Connemara campus in Letterfrack, Co. Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland. For two weeks in the summer, participants get the opportunity to work with leading international and Irish designers from renowned studios, including Pentagram. The module is called ‘Design Unplugged’ and encourages participants to immerse themselves in the Connemara landscape and use it both as a mode of research and as a source of inspiration. At the end of the course 10 credits towards a Master’s degree are awarded.

Letraset, Typography,
and Paper-cut

We had the opportunity to do typographic workshops with Erik Brandt from Typografika. He taught us about letraset and we did a few typography exercises, after which we printed out one of our exercises at A1 and presented them in the hallways.

Joana Croft from Oupas did a workshop with us on paper crafts. Her studio creates amazing hand crafted pieces, big and small. We photographed them all at the end.

Final Piece

My final piece was called ‘Destination’: A sensory installation portraying the journey taken by animals as they are exported from Ireland to other countries for slaughter.

The animals experience cramped travel conditions, extreme weather, death, motion sickness, and more.
I designed a rectangular wooden box (90cm x 30cm) with etched typography on the exterior and a motion piece inside with red acrylic bars obstructing the view (like bars on an export truck). There was a black acrylic lid to make the space darker and more confined for the audience. I also made an accompanying riso printed booklet giving more information on the topic.

Motion Piece

This motion piece aims to portray the journey taken by animals being exported to other countries. I added a blinking effect, shaking, and sounds to create a stressful environment for the audience. Unfortunately, this motion piece can’t even begin to convey what the animals truly experience.

The footage of the roads and traffic was filmed by me but the ocean footage was found online. I downloaded the sounds from a free online source.