Don’t Sing (2019)

In my third year of college, I was asked to design
film titles for a final year student in the National Film School. The titles were to be 30 seconds to a minute long. In my case, the film was a musical and I had a lot of creative leeway as the director was unsure what he wanted the titles to be. I was also asked to create
a piece of ephemera that would be given out for free
at screenings of the film. The director was inspired by old fashioned 20’s films when making the musical so 

I decided to design a 12” vinyl with an accompanying booklet with the songs and lyrics for the audience.

My concept for the film titles was a spotlight running across a stage revealing the credits. The main theme
in the musical was performance anxiety, so I tried to create a nerve-wrecking environment using shakey spotlights and dramatic shadows.

Final Storyboard