One Strong Arm

I did an internship at One Strong Arm, a design and letterpress print studio in Dublin run by Dave Darcy, from May - July 2022 where I assisted on various projects including layouts for menus, annual reports, booklets, magazines, branding, and social media. 

Scoop Foundation:

I was tasked with creating a logo for a new fundraising project by the Scoop Foundation called ‘Outside
the Box’
. Together with Dublin Pizza Company, Scoop would advertise various artworks by Irish street artists on pizza boxes and then hold an auction for the artworks after each month of promotion. After
a lot of iterations, the logo below was chosen and went live on social media in a promotional video
in October 2022.



Queer Culture Ireland

One of our branding clients was Queer Culture Ireland. I came to the project early on when only the typeface and colours had been chosen. It was then my job to experiment with these assets and see how they could be applied to letterheads, business cards, compliment cards etc. Below are some of the examples of what
I came up with. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the project through to the end, but I really enjoyed working on these elements.

Direction 1:

Direction 2:


I got the chance to do a lot of letterpress printing towards the end of my internship. I made a series
of different thank you notes to be packaged with prints when people purchased them.

I printed letterpress posters for GCN for the Trans and Intersex Pride Parade in July 2022. I was able to attend the march myself and see lots of people holding the posters there.

Dave was doing some re-printing of best selling prints so I got the opportunity to print the ones seen below. Both very different, I got to try out new techniques
on the letterpress. ‘All You Need Is Love’ was printed using a plate specially made for the background text and then the larger letters were printed on top.

‘Ever Tried. Ever Failed.’ was a longer process. Not only were there two colours, but I couldn’t print every word in one go because there weren’t enough letters, (really makes you appreciate modern printing and understand how things were done in the past). Each piece of paper was probably put through the press about 10 times!