One Strong Arm

I did an internship at One Strong Arm, a design and letterpress print studio in Dublin run by Dave Darcy, from May - July 2022 where I assisted on various projects - layouts for menus, annual reports, booklets, magazines (e.g. GCN Pride Issue), branding, and creating visuals for social media. 


I got the chance to do a lot of letterpress printing towards the end of the internship. I made a series of different thank you notes that would be packaged with prints when people purchased them.

I printed posters for GCN for the Trans and Intersex Pride Parade in July 2022 and I actually ended up going to the march and saw people holding the posters there which was very cool.

Dave was doing some re-printing of a few of his best selling prints so I got to print the ones seen below. Both very different, I got to try out new techniques on the letterpress. ‘All You Need Is Love’ was printed using a plate that Dave got made for the background text and then the larger letters were printed on top. ‘Ever Tried. Ever Failed.’ was a long one. Not only were there two colours; blue and pink, but I couldn’t print every word In one go because we didn’t have enough letters. I think I ended up putting every piece of paper through the press 10 times each!