Real Men Eat Plants (2020)
Final Year Project

Real Men Eat Plants is a campaign created by the hypothetical vegan organisation ‘UpBeet’ to promote plant-based diets for all men, ages 35-55 in particular. Because of the associations between femininity and veganism, and between meat and men, Real Men Eat Plants wants to show that plant-based diets are for everyone. Usually, vegan campaigns for men focus
on athletes or specific types of ‘manly’ men. By playing on male stereotypes in a humorous and relatable way, Real Men Eat Plants is able to attract all types of men and be more inclusive. The main reasons for men to
go plant-based – health, the climate, and animal rights – are explored using simple infographics suggesting easy changes that men can make in their daily lives.
By starting them off with an engaging and competitive seven day cooking challenge, Real Men Eat Plants makes it as easy as possible for men to make
the switch.

Poster Campaign followed by spreads from
the cook book featuring recipes from
the challenge, and more.

Website Health Section
Top: The average cases of prostate cancer per year and the age at diagnosis, (A plant-based diet can reduce the risks of cancer).
Bottom: An infographic comparing beans with beef.

Website Climate Section
Top: The effects of animal agriculture on deforestation
Bottom: The effects of one 200ml glass of milk.

Website Truth Section
Left: The increase in the amount of animals slaughtered for meat each year.
Right: How the life spans of animals have
been effected by livestock production.